Billing Software

chiropractice pracitce management software

Straight forward, easy to use chiropractice pracitce management software.

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Certified EMR

chiropractice pracitce management software

Save time and protect against audits with our certified EMR/EHR solution.

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Integrated eBilling

chiropractice pracitce management software

Submit claims, auto-post remittance and verify eligibility from the software.

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Patient Education

chiropractice pracitce management software

3D animation enables you to educate your patients on the necessity of treatment.

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Chiro8000 iPad Kiosk Now Available!

What if you could use the power of the iPad to supercharge your patient check-in process and exponentially increase your patient engagement? With the Chiro8000 Patient Kiosk iPad application you can! Your patients will love using the new iPad kiosk to enter all their medical information and symptoms upon arrival at your office.  You will love the fact that your patients do all the subjective workup for your practice. Contact us today and empower your practice.

Welcome to Chiro8000: Professional Chiropractic Software

Chiropractors learning about chiropractic software
Chiro8000 is a leading patient management software designed specifically for the Chiropractic Profession. It provides your practice with easy to use features for patient files, scheduling, posting, electronic billing, certified EMR/EHR, statistics and reporting. Complete chiropractic practice management and electronic medical records. It was the first Patient Relationship Software to offer a true all-in-one model.

We know the nuances of Chiropractic and the challenges of running a successful practice in an era of diminishing profitability, increasing costs and heightened insurance restrictions. We understand the challenges you face. We have combined cutting edge technology with traditional all in-house US based technical support and customer service.

We are a company that knows the importance of you having no downtime, no interruption in patient flow or revenue. Your patients look to you for their health care needs. Look to us for your chiropractic management software needs. Chiro8000: Aligning Your Practice.


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